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The Affinity website is currently in a state of undress… you see, Affinity is a new company and we’re working to get fancied up before we make our big debut. Please bare with us, the unveiling is coming soon.

In the mean time…

Are you looking for new and creative solutions to reach your audience? Interested in using compelling multi-media formats to engage an existing or expanding client base? We’ve done the research, we know what works and we’re here to help.

Affinity Strategic Communications works with a group of talented and spirited professionals to deliver high-quality, message driven products and services. Our team can support all marketing mediums… and even brainstorm some new ones for you. Creativity is our strong suit.

From projects starting from the ground up that require concept development, consultations and engagement to smaller, detail oriented marketing pieces… we have the resources to complete your job with finesse and ease.

Communication and marketing strategy and planning, strategic website development, video production, script writing, branding and plan execution are our areas of strength. With a strong and diverse network, we can coordinate any communications project from start to finish.

And we’re here to help you succeed.

Kate Young


Affinity Strategic Communications